Terms Of Service

The ensuing declares the constitution of contract, hereby agreement and relationship between the Company trading as „ArkNodes“ which hereafter shall be referenced by the following: „Provider“, „Company“, and its first person pronouns, and the Client which conversely is referred to with second and third person pronouns.


1. Prerequisites

May any definition within the commercial agreements, the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Service Level Agreement be of equal enforcement in each agreement, inserted and enforced with negligible capitalization and quotation marks. Headings in this agreement,; labeled by completely capitalized lettering; shall not be of legal enforcement nor any effect to the contract.

2. Governing Factor

The governing factor of the ensuing and aforeconstituted agreement is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, in addition to, depending on the service‘s location, the governing regional, state and local laws whereby the service is located.

By law, does the Company reserve the right if in the event of legal prosecution by either party, to and by this contract‘s existence require the hearings and proceedings to take place within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, therefore its judiciaires.

3. Agreement to the terms

The client agrees to the contract by using any service and or visiting any website under the operation of ArkNodes, in addition the said client may in fact agree to the terms via checkbox on account signup, and therefore is bound to the contract.

Violation of the terms shall result in punishment determined by the provider, if said provider believes the Breach of Contract is violatory enough they may seek legal action.

4. Signature and Formation Eligibility

One, to be eligible of formation and agreeing to the contract must not be inherent to any of the following restrictions:

Be younger than 13 years of age;
Be unable to form, sign and or dissolve contracts;*
Be an alternate account to avoid restrictions.

* An exception to Signature & Formation Eligibility b) is in where the client or the entity agreeing to the contract is between 13 to 17 years of age, therefore making them unable to form contracts but said client does not have any other deficiencies in contract formation other than his age. In said event is the client represented by their legal guardian and requires their permission to form the contract.

5. Defintion of the relationship

A relationship is the term, governed by this contract in which the client has purchased a recurring or one-time, therefore permanent, service for. If the client decides to continue the recurring service shall the relationship not be restarted but extended and therefore shall not require a recreation of contract.

A relationship formation, commercial inquiry or attempt to acquire a service by the client may be rejected by the provider, negliant to any circumstances and unrequiring reasoning.

On cancellation of services shall the relationship be deemed as halted and will not insist any termination of account or this contract.

6. Liabilities

The Client agrees to operate, use and act under their own liability and responsibility in any case, regarding legalities or not.

In the event of data loss shall the client indemnify and keep of harm the company and its directors.

On occurrence of a data breach the company will withhold liability depending on the situation and decision of authorities such as the UK ICO and EDPS of the EU.

7. Termination

By any and all means does each party reserve their right in regard, issue and to act upon termination of service and this contract.

8. Commerce

1. Payment

ArkNodes only accepts payments through:
Debit & Credit cards, using Stripe as a payment gateway
Direct bank transfers

Prices listed on the provider‘s websites and advertisements may change at any time, by any amount without prior notice.

All prices are as offered, with the applicable VAT TAX included negliant of the client‘s location.

2. Refunds

All our services include a 14 day refund policy. If the first 14 days have been exceeded since the initial first payment, we cannot offer any refund. If we suspect abuse of this policy we may hold the refund for up to 5 business days or it will be paid out in account credits. Refunds after 3 days of usage of our service will receive a partial refund based on the remainder of the billing cycle. Refunds have to be done through the billing panel, by creating a ticket there.

The use of chargebacks, disputes is heavily disregarded and by the following term will be considered violatory of the terms.

In the event of a chargeback shall the provider terminate the relationship under caution and in regard towards the lack of communication for proper refund by the client. The outcome of the dispute has no effect or change on the relationship, it shall be terminated before then. Furthermore is the outcome of the dispute negligible towards the relationship.

Additional or add-on purchases, which are extensions of prior or simultaneously purchased services can and will only be refunded in where the service itself has refund eligibility.

3. Failure of payment

In the event where an invoice has been overdue for over 7 days the service(s) will be terminated. Within those 7 days the service was suspended, meaning it was inaccessible to the client but a simple completion of payment could get it reinstated.

In occurence of a similar event hereby defined „initial deployment“ where the client deploys a service from the ArkNodes billing system or in any other way applicable, is he given said service instantly with the condition of payment, therefore fulfilment of invoice within 6 hours since the initial deployment or said service will be automatically terminated.

Repeated abuse of the aforementioned will result in a complete termination of relationship to the client‘s identity prohibiting further service operation from said client.

A client indebted to the provider with no sight or promise of repayment grants the provider the right to send contract, service and account information of the relationship in which the debt was entitled to a debt collection agency of their choice.

9. Privacy Disclaimer

In regards to privacy and or data protection shall the client look to the provider‘s Privacy Policy, which inherits definition from all adjacent documents which are the Service Level Agreement, Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

10. Copyright

The copyright law of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is and of effect within all services, the provider offers in addition to the copyright law of the service‘s location.

Violation of any of the aforementioned copyright laws will be dealt with in the form of content removal requests, suspension and or termination of service and or account.

Repeated or vigilant plagiarisation or infringement of intellectual property may result in legal proceedings by any party. If said party is of participation in the current contract shall it apply to the relationship definitions and governing factors as aforedefined. Conversely if said prosecuting party is not of the contract shall the client vow by the liabilities of the relationship to take said liability unless the provider pleads.

11. Alterations to the terms

Changes to be or have been made to any document amended by ArkNodes including the current shall not require any notification to the other parties, it is under their duty to make sure their acknowledgement of any terms is correct at all times.

12. Intellectual property of the provider

The ArkNodes Logo and name are protected under the UK unregistered trademark rights or general unregistered intellectual property. You may not use neither the name nor logo for commercial purposes merely related to the ones of ArkNodes‘ operations.